Automated Perfusion Analysis

Automated quantification of the ischemic core and penumbra.

This solution helps physicians determine the amount of brain tissue that could be saved with Endovascular Treatment. Automated analysis standardizes results.

Key highlights:

  • Multicoloured perfusion maps visible through our DICOM Viewer
  • Core and mismatch volumes with DEFUSE-3 criteria
  • Automated AIF, VOF and motion correction
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Automated infarct and hypofusion segmentation. The coloured perfusion maps are displayed through our Certified Diagnostic Viewer. The user is able to set different thresholds for CBF and Tmax to display through the probability maps.

Bolus concentration in the arteries and veins are quantified and displayed through this easy-to-interpret map. Other details include the Bolus relative peak position and bolus average peak height.

Motion correction ensure results are of the highest accuracy and reliability. A correlation graph displays and quantified the amount of motion in the scan so the physician can make their own interpretation.

StrokeViewer ARC: the platform that includes a range of features, enabling you to diagnose patients anywhere, anytime.

Instant notifications

  • Instant notification of AI findings
  • Alerts via App for iOS or Android

Mobile miniPACS

  • Extensions of hospital PACS
  • Always at your fingertips
  • On desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Patient specific timeline
  • 100% Cloud-based

Certified Diagnostic Viewer

  • Diagnose patients while viewing and sharing images
  • Full DICOM viewer capabilities (eg. annotation, measuring)
  • Adjustable MIP with multiplanar views
  • Automated image alignment for easy hemisphere comparison
  • CE and FDA certified

Automated Quality Checks

  • Warnings for:
  • early acquisition (CTA)
  • inadequate scan quality and bolus

Network-wide image sharing

  • Seamless image sharing between different hospitals in the stroke network
  • Realtime information exchange between primary and comprehensive center reduces door-to-groin puncture time

3D Treatment Planning View

  • Multi-planar reconstruction of cervical vessels
  • Visualization of the arch
  • Visualization of the vessel's tortuosity

Our Automated Perfusion Analysis is FDA-cleared, TGA approved and CE marked.

Ready to implement in Europe, USA and Australia.