LVO Detection

StrokeViewer reduces the number of undetected LVOs.


Our FDA-cleared solution processes CTA scans and finds image characteristics associated with a Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO).

Key highlights:

  • Notifies expert upon detection
  • Expert-level sensitivity including distal M2 occlusions
  • Access findings when on call
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I think StrokeViewer works brilliantly as a screening tool to alert the team that there is high suspicion of a LVO. The communication gets everyone coordinated in a parallel fashion...

Dr. Albert Yoo MD

Medical Director Texas Stroke Institute

StrokeViewer ARC: the platform that includes a range of features, enabling you to diagnose patients anywhere, anytime.

Instant notifications

  • Instant notification of AI findings
  • Alerts via App for iOS or Android

Mobile miniPACS

  • Extensions of hospital PACS
  • Always at your fingertips
  • On desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Patient specific timeline
  • 100% Cloud-based

Certified Diagnostic Viewer

  • Diagnose patients while viewing and sharing images
  • Full DICOM viewer capabilities (eg. annotation, measuring)
  • Adjustable MIP with multiplanar views
  • Automated image alignment for easy hemisphere comparison
  • CE and FDA certified

Automated Quality Checks

  • Warnings for:
  • early acquisition (CTA)
  • inadequate scan quality and bolus

Network-wide image sharing

  • Seamless image sharing between different hospitals in the stroke network
  • Realtime information exchange between primary and comprehensive center reduces door-to-groin puncture time

3D Treatment Planning View

  • Multi-planar reconstruction of cervical vessels
  • Visualization of the arch
  • Visualization of the vessel's tortuosity

Our LVO detection solution is FDA-cleared, TGA approved and CE marked.

Ready to implement in Europe, USA and Australia.