Customer Success Journey

It is our highest priority to ensure you get the most value from StrokeViewer.
This is why we connect the customer experience to our product innovation.

At Nicolab, we strive to deliver the highest value and impact to the daily practice of our customers. We empower physicians to provide every stroke patient with the right treatment in time… and “time is brain.”

Customer support

Dedicated support

Whether you need assistance with StrokeViewer or have any other questions, with Nicolab, you will always find a team of experts ready to help.
What you can expect from us:

  • Result-driven experts to address your concers and needs
  • Pro-active support for an improved product experience
  • Training and tips to help you better use our technology

Customer insights

Data-driven support

The Customer Success team provides insights and analytics to further enhance regional stroke service. Rely on Nicolab’s experts to:

  • Monitor and identify trends (including: patient volumes, workflow timelines and regional patient flows)
  • Enhance quality (scans) and protocols
  • Reach clinical goals and improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify opportunities for further workflow improvement

Customer training

Thorough training and support

For the best StrokeViewer experience, we provide you with customized live, virtual or on-demand training on:

  • AI portfolio
  • Collaboration features
  • Clinical implications

What doctors say about our support

Dr. Ludo Beenen | Trauma and Emergency Radiologist, Amsterdam UMC

“One of the most important things StrokeViewer does for me is the transfer of information of patients between hospitals and radiologists, which can save so much time.”
Dr. Ludo Beenen
Trauma and Emergency Radiologist
Amsterdam UMC

Dr. Albert Yoo | Medical Director, Texas Stroke Institute

“I think StrokeViewer works brilliantly as a screening tool to alert the team of high suspicion of a LVO. The communication gets everyone coordinated in a parallel fashion.”
Dr. Albert Yoo
Medical Director
Texas Stroke Institute

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