StrokeViewer enables physicians to provide every stroke patient with the right treatment in time

StrokeViewer ARC: a range of features allowing you to diagnose patients anywhere, anytime.

We believe connecting human & artificial intelligence will revolutionize stroke care.

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StrokeViewer’s certified diagnostic viewer works like a mobile miniPACS, has full DICOM capabilities and is available 24/7 on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

AI powered

StrokeViewer provides expert level artificial intelligence algorithms to assess all important biomarkers on CT and supports the entire stroke workflow.


StrokeViewer supports faster and more accurate diagnosis and decision making, resulting in more stroke patients getting the right treatment in time.


StrokeViewer’s cloud-based solution provides seamless and immediate image sharing between physicians and network hospitals.


CT scans are pushed to the secure cloud environment, which is connected to the hospital authentication system to ensure only authorized physicians can access patient data.

Easy to use

StrokeViewer can be implemented in just a few days, is easy to use and accessible from any location, whether you are in the hospital or at home.