Connected teams and streamlined stroke workflow


Stroke scans automatically sent to secure cloud

  • Seamless integration with no manual steps required
  • Compatible with all CT scanners and PACS
  • Patient data encrypted at rest and in transit


Complete analysis of scans within minutes

  • Automated image quality checks and warnings
  • Key accurate AI algorithms process the scans
  • Original scans always are available to you


Instant app and email notification with critical findings

  • Alert the entire team to synchronize care on your mobile, tablet or PACS
  • Notification brings you directly to relevant scans
  • Enter key clinical information of patient including assisted NIHSS survey


Access information wherever you are through our DICOM viewer

  • Patient timeline gives a clear overview of results
  • Certified DICOM viewer allows you to make a stroke diagnosis anywhere, anytime
  • View results in the app or your PACS, whatever is most convenient for you


Forward patient studies regionally across networking hospitals or within your own team

  • Forward patient studies to intervention hospital swiftly with the click of a button
  • New study uploads will automatically be forwarded
  • No rescanning of patient at the intervention center, forwarded patient data is always available within 2 minutes


Discuss a patients information with your team and networking teams

  • Your messages can be accessed by everyone via the patient case, therefore you can be sure you are aligned with the whole team.
  • The chat is a safe and compliant way to discuss patient data. The cloud infrastructure allows anonymized and encrypted data sharing for full clinical consultation and evaluation.


Minimize delay to stroke patient treatment

  • Coordinated team fully prepared for intervention
  • Deliver the right treatment for your patients with confidence
  • View images directly in the angio suite without breaking scrubs

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