Intuitive app

Mobile mini-PACS for your stroke CT scans

Access analyzed and original stroke CT scans anytime and anywhere. Our DICOM viewer is certified for diagnostic use, allowing you to make a diagnosis from your own home.

An array of features are designed to help you collaborate, locally and regionally, with your stroke network.

Saves you critical time

Triage with greater accuracy

Stroke network collaboration

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What doctors say about us

Leopold Meuleman | RIS-PACS Manager, CHU Brugmann

“Pleasant and smooth cooperation with a team that offers excellent technical and application support.”
Leopold Meuleman
RIS-PACS Manager
CHU Brugmann

Prof. Chris Bladin | Director Of Victoria Stroke Telemedicine Service, Melbourne, Australia

“Nicolab has been an invaluable and collaborative partner for our expanding telestroke service. The team have provided exceptional customer and service support and made the transition to StrokeViewer quick and smooth. We noticed a positive impact with image availability and the automated CTP workflow, allowing the VST to provide life-saving care with greater efficiency.”
Prof. Chris Bladin
Director Of Victoria Stroke Telemedicine Service
Melbourne, Australia

Prof. Charles Majoie Md Phd | Neuroradiologist, Amsterdam Umc, Netherlands

"StrokeViewer’s AI has helped to rapidly spot blood clots that are very difficult to see with the naked eye."
Prof. Charles Majoie Md Phd
Amsterdam Umc, Netherlands

Dr. Wouter de Monyé | Radiologist, Spaarne Gasthuis

“With the StrokeViewer app, I can immediately receive patient’s CT scans on my phone wherever I am. It saves time by enabling me to interpret high-quality images on the spot.”
Dr. Wouter de Monyé
Spaarne Gasthuis

Dr. Jurrit Hof | Radiologist, Medisch Spectrum Twente

“'Instant remote access to patient images has been a game changer – I can support colleagues on call even if I am a few hours away from the hospital"
Dr. Jurrit Hof
Medisch Spectrum Twente

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