CEO Dr. Merel Boers wins EU Prize for Women Innovators 2021


Three inspiring women paving the way for future generations with their innovation were awarded the prize at the European Innovation Council Summit last week in Brussels. These women are recognized by the European Commission as the most talented women entrepreneurs across Europe that have founded a successful company and brought innovation to the market.

Our CEO Dr. Merel Boers recognized the need and oppurtunity for an AI software during her Ph.D to assist physicians with the diagnosis of stroke to save precious time in such an emergency and time critical field. With a mission to transform emergency care, by connecting human and artificial intelligence, Dr. Merel Boers continues to build a company based upon a strong company culture.


Congratulations to the other two winners selected:

  • Mathilde Jakobsen from Denmark: co-founder and CEO of Fresh.Land, a digital platform that shortens and digitises the food supply chain, providing easy access to good quality food.


  • Daphne Haim Langford from Israel: founder and CEO of Tarsier Pharma, a company developing disruptive medical solutions for the treatment and cure of autoimmune and inflammatory ocular diseases.

I am so honoured to have won this years EU Prize for Women Innovators amongst so many ambitious finalists. It was amazing to connect with other female founders in such varied fields of work. Thanks to the European Innovation Council for continuing to recognise the impact innovative tech is having today. Innovation is essential to tackling big problems we face across the world so may we all continue to innovate and work together

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Merel and her team at Nicolab continue to use pioneering techniques to further develop and evolve their innovative technologies. With an overall mission to connect human & artificial intelligence to provide patients with the best chances of living their normal life.

The latest innovation at Nicolab, announced last month, is automated analysis of clot characteristics. Using AI is the only way to quickly analyse a patients blood clot in such a time critical situation. Results will provide physicians with advanced measurements to guide their choice of intervention – help them to differentiate between patients who will benefit from thrombectomy and thrombolysis. The research proving the value clot characteristics will bring to patients lives has been building hugely over the past year.

We can keep you updated on our next steps towards personalised treatment.

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