Chat Feature to Further Enhance StrokeViewer’s Collaboration Suite

October 17, 2023
By Brenda Dubois

We are excited to announce the integration of a new Chat functionality in the StrokeViewer app. This feature will enhance our existing Collaboration suite, allowing full team collaboration, faster alignment, secure communication, and seamless information sharing.

To learn more about the new Chat feature, download the brochure.

Key Benefits of StrokeViewer’s Chat feature

1. Faster Alignment with Your Team: With StrokeViewer’s Chat feature, you can instantly connect with your stroke team regardless of their department or location. This real-time communication ensures everyone is on the same page, facilitating swift decision-making and ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

2. Discuss Patient Cases via a Secure and Compliant channel: Discussing patient cases with colleagues has never been easier or more secure. StrokeViewer’s Chat feature provides a fast and secure channel for your team to exchange critical information. Rest assured that patient data is encrypted and compliant with industry regulations, ensuring utmost confidentiality.

3. Speeding Up Patient Triage: Time is of the essence in stroke care. StrokeViewer’s chat feature accelerates the triaging of patients by allowing instant communication and alignment. This means quicker decision-making and a more efficient workflow.

4. Increased Collaboration Across Networks: StrokeViewer’s Chat feature promotes effortless sharing of findings and information between Hub and Spoke hospitals. When forwarding a patient case, your network is notified and you can Chat in a centralized channel.

StrokeViewer’s Collaboration Suite

Reap the benefits of the full Collaboration suite so you can Connect and Collaborate seamlessly across your stroke network:

  • Instant notifications: The full team can be notified anytime, anywhere with the ability to customize notifications to their own preference.
  • Real-time screen sharing: Share your DICOM viewer with colleagues to view the same screen simultaneously and come to a joint consensus together. Make time-efficient diagnoses wherever you are.
  • Patient forwarding: Securely share patient data with your networking hospital with one simple click; the cloud ensures instantaneous and secure image exchange.
  • Chat with colleagues: A safe, centralized, and compliant way to discuss patient cases across multiple teams in the StrokeViewer App.


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