Nicolab at ISC 2021

February 23, 2021
By Brenda Dubois

Improve patient outcomes while reducing hospital costs.

Our cloud-based solution enables physicians to provide every stroke patient with the right treatment in time.

With Medicare Reimbursement, ICD-10-PCS code, we can help your hospital improve patient outcomes while reducing hospital costs.

StrokeViewer helps to reduce undetected LVOs

  • Artificial intelligence detects occlusions up to distal M2 on CTA
  • User immediately notified of findings via app/email
  • Automated PDF reports

StrokeViewer Features

Mobile mini-PACS

This mobile mini-PACS is an extension to the familiar hospital PACS, enabling stroke experts to access analyzed patient scans within minutes, anywhere on their device.

Seamless image sharing

Rapid image exchange allows stroke experts to forward patient scans to the nearest intervention center with one click, so physicians can then plan for patient arrival.

Certified Diagnostic Viewer

The certified diagnostic viewer is a unique feature to StrokeViewer. This allows physicians to diagnose patients from their mobile devices.

3D Treatment Planning

This feature is included in StrokeViewer LVO. It helps neurologists and radiologists visualize the brain vasculature and blood clot.

Interventional neuroradiologists, in particular, have reported their use of the 3D Treatment Planning feature for selecting the microcatheters to use prior to patient arrival.

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