Nicolab celebrates International Women Day

March 8, 2022
By Brenda Dubois

For International Women’s Day 2022 our CEO, Dr. Merel Boers, joins #IWDequals campaign to show the strength and diversity in the tech world.

The tech industry has undoubtedly been the fastest growing industry for years. However, the number of women working in this sector is less than a fifth.

On average, in fact, only 18% of those who work in the tech industry are women, a gender inequality gap that shows how much more it can be done to grow this sector further.

At Nicolab, we are proud that 40% of our employees are women, and we want to encourage women to pursue their careers in the tech world. This is why, together with Equals and our CEO, Dr. Merel Boers, we want to celebrate International Women’s Day.

How do we celebrate International Women’s Day?

Along with 61 other women from 44 different companies, Merel was chosen to show the strength and diversity in the tech world (which already exists but not yet enough), and has been featured on one of the 55 “pepperbussen” (billboards) among the canals of Amsterdam.

With the #IWDequals campaign, the goal is to inspire women around the world to make their dream become a reality and dismantle the status quo.

What we do at Nicolab

At Nicolab, we use pioneering techniques to further develop and evolve innovative technologies. With an overall mission to connect human & artificial intelligence to provide patients with the best chances of living their normal life.

Discover our StrokeViewer, an AI-powered clinical decision support system, offering a complete assessment of relevant imaging biomarkers within 3 minutes.


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