Nicolab join forces with expert partners to fight COVID-19

April 23, 2020
By Brenda Dubois

ICOVAI consortium is a not-for-profit initiative to fight against COVID-19.

Nicolab is proud to announce the establishment of the ICOVAI consortium, a collaboration between science, clinical and technology experts. We believe AI can relieve some of the overwhelming pressure on medical staff and together will develop a valuable not-for-profit solution. The goal of ICOVAI is to support medical staff during the crisis by developing and deploying an AI solution for triaging and risk stratification of COVID-19 patients.

We see an increasingly clear case for using chest CT scans to assess the severity of COVID-19 and the likelihood of patients requiring ICU care. We recognized that our understanding of the clinical workflow and experience in developing AI for CT coupled with that of consortium partners can be leveraged to increase the speed and accuracy of these assessments during this critical time. 


  • ICOVAI is a not-for-profit initiative aiming to leverage experience and knowledge of consortium partners in  the fight against COVID-19. 
  • ICOVAI aims for fast development and implementation of an AI-powered solution to help healthcare professionals deal with assessing the severity of COVID-19.

Deployment at scale in clinical practice

Beyond development, ICOVAI is well-equipped to validate and deploy the AI solution at scale across hospitals in Europe, aiming for these key results: 

  • European adoption and safe use of AI in COVID-19 triaging and risk stratification 
  • Increase speed and accuracy in COVID-19 triaging and risk stratification 
  • Reduce workload in COVID-19 imaging workflow

The COVID-19 pandemic is endangering people and healthcare systems across the world. AI has the potential to guide rapid decisions on patient care, risk management and hospital planning. To make a contribution during this crisis, we need to act quickly and work together.

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