Nicolab secures contract to provide AI-powered stroke software StrokeViewer for Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Service

May 25, 2023
By Brenda Dubois

Melbourne, Australia – Nicolab, a leading provider of healthcare technology solutions, has been awarded a prestigious 3-year contract to supply stroke workflow software and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostics for the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine (VST) service.
The VST service, a virtual platform that connects healthcare professionals across multiple hospitals, aims to deliver exceptional stroke care regardless of a patient’s location.
By leveraging Nicolab’s state-of-the-art StrokeViewer solution, clinicians gain real-time access to critical brain imaging analysis and diagnostic insights, enabling remote consultations and expedited treatment decisions.

Stroke is a devastating medical condition characterised by disrupted blood flow to the brain, and necessitates swift intervention to prevent irreversible brain damage. Unfortunately, individuals residing in regional areas face a 19% higher risk of suffering from strokes.
The VST service bridges this gap by fostering collaboration among stroke consultants, patients, and local clinicians, empowering them to provide immediate and comprehensive care. Presently, the network connects 19 hospitals in Victoria and 2 hospitals in Tasmania to an esteemed panel of stroke specialists who offer vital treatment advice for patients exhibiting acute stroke symptoms.

Professor Chris Bladin, Director of Stroke Services for Ambulance Victoria, emphasised the significance of prompt access to stroke specialists and AI-assisted brain scan analysis in improving patient outcomes.
Through AI-powered stroke diagnostics and the expertise of stroke specialists, our staff can accurately diagnose the stroke type and initiate appropriate treatment promptly,” he explained. “This expedites the commencement of treatment and facilitates the prioritisation of patients requiring transfer to specialised treatment facilities.”

Professor Chris Bladin at Nicolab's office in Amsterdam
Professor Chris Bladin at Nicolab’s office in Amsterdam

Nicolab’s StrokeViewer, developed at the headquarters and innovation hub in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), leverages contemporary and secure cloud technology to enable seamless and expedited access to stroke care.
This innovative solution offers scalability, allowing for future expansion and increased accessibility to vital stroke services.
Designed specifically for the ANZ market, Nicolab’s StrokeViewer product aims to enhance time-critical stroke care and improve patient outcomes.

Expressing her delight, Merel Boers, Chief Executive Officer of Nicolab, highlighted the significance of securing the Victorian Stroke Telemedicine contract. “This partnership aligns perfectly with our mission to leverage technology for improved patient outcomes and enhanced healthcare accessibility,” she stated. “We are eager to collaborate with the Victorian Government and healthcare providers to make a positive impact on stroke care and treatment in regional and remote areas.”

The VST stroke service operates around the clock, 365 days a year, providing invaluable support to numerous rural and regional hospitals lacking on-site stroke specialists.
This comprehensive service enables local administration of time-critical clot-busting treatments, minimising the need for expensive and time-consuming patient transfers to alternative medical facilities.

In the field of stroke care, even a few minutes can make a crucial difference between life and death. Studies have shown that for every second of delay from hospital arrival to the start of an endovascular procedure, approximately 2.2 hours of healthy life are lost*.
By empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technology like StrokeViewer, Nicolab aims to alleviate the mounting pressure on emergency healthcare providers and equip them with the tools to make informed treatment decisions promptly.

About Nicolab:

Established in 2015 by a group of esteemed scientists, engineers, and physicians, Nicolab is a leading healthcare technology company focused on developing innovative solutions to improve patient care. The flagship product, StrokeViewer®, enables physicians to connect, communicate, and collaborate within their stroke network. Nicolab, an Australian-based public unlisted company, boasts a global presence with operations in six countries.
The majority of its international board members, including the Chairman, as well as key personnel such as the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Commercial Officer, are based in Australia.

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