Nicolab’s StrokeViewer solution revolutionises stroke care at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Services

September 23, 2023
By Brenda Dubois

Gold Coast, Australia – Nicolab, a pioneering healthcare technology solutions provider, is thrilled to announce the successful implementation of its groundbreaking AI-powered stroke workflow software, “StrokeViewer,” in collaboration with Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service (GCHHS). This achievement marks the culmination of a 5-year Reference Site Agreement between Nicolab and GCHHS, highlighting their shared commitment to advancing stroke care through cutting-edge technology.

Building on its recent successes, Nicolab has partnered closely with the clinical experts at Gold Coast Health (GCH) to introduce StrokeViewer. This innovative software solution has been integrated into the GCH stroke teams operations, revolutionising stroke care by optimising communication, collaboration, and triaging within the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service.

StrokeViewer’s state-of-the-art imaging analysis capabilities empower medical professionals to swiftly and accurately identify stroke-related anomalies, enabling expedited diagnoses and increasing the likelihood of successful patient recovery. As a testament to its leadership in the field of stroke care, the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service will serve as the reference site for Nicolab’s StrokeViewer, showcasing its outstanding benefits and capabilities to other healthcare institutions.

In photo: L-R Ben Johnson (Technical Services Manager ANZ, Nicolab), Haylee Berrill (GCHHS Stroke Team CNC), Vanessa Caley (Project Lead), Dr Peter Bailey (Consultant Neurologist), Dr Hal Rice and Dr Laetitia De Villiers (Interventional NeuroRadiologists)

Kylie Westren, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Nicolab, expressed her delight at this significant milestone, stating, “We are thrilled to designate Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service as our reference site for StrokeViewer. Their unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier stroke care aligns seamlessly with our mission to equip healthcare professionals with rapid and reliable access to critical information. StrokeViewer has the potential to revolutionize stroke diagnosis and treatment, ultimately saving lives and enhancing patient recovery.”

By harnessing deep learning algorithms to analyse computed tomography (CT) scans, StrokeViewer automates the detection and segmentation of stroke-related parameters. This automation empowers medical practitioners to make more informed and expedited treatment decisions, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Hal Rice, a distinguished interventional Neuroradiologist, and Dr. Laetitia de Villiers of GCHHS highlighted the transformative impact of StrokeViewer on stroke care. Dr. Rice elaborated, “StrokeViewer aids our stroke teams in making collaborative decisions about the most suitable treatment for each patient, expediting these decisions as efficiently as possible. In the realm of stroke care, time is of the essence, and StrokeViewer significantly enhances our ability to deliver timely interventions.”

Nicolab’s commitment to alleviating pressure on emergency healthcare providers aligns with studies demonstrating that every second of delay from hospital arrival to initiating an endovascular procedure results in the loss of approximately 2.2 hours of healthy life*. By empowering healthcare professionals with advanced technology like StrokeViewer, Nicolab aims to equip them with the tools to make swift, well-informed treatment decisions and positively impact patient outcomes.

About Nicolab:
Nicolab stands at the forefront of advanced healthcare solutions, specializing in artificial intelligence
and medical imaging. Their flagship product, StrokeViewer, harnesses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to aid in diagnosing and treating strokes, empowering medical professionals to make expedited, accurate decisions. Nicolab’s commitment to innovation is centered on enhancing patient outcomes and refining clinical workflows. For more information, please visit Nicolab’s official website.

About Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service:
Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service (GCHHS) serves as a leading healthcare provider in the Gold Coast region, dedicated to delivering exceptional care and enhancing community health outcomes. GCHHS offers a wide spectrum of services, ranging from acute care to emergency medicine and specialized stroke care. Acknowledged as a frontrunner in stroke management, GCHHS is committed to adopting progressive technologies to elevate patient care and advance health outcomes.

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Clinical Innovation Leader, ANZ
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