SSA 2021, Breakfast Symposium

The Stroke Society of Australasia Congress 2021, Perth

Exclusive on-demand access to last week’s Breakfast Symposium

‘The importance of imaging selection in the late treatment window’

by Prof. Wim van Zwam and Prof. Bruce Campbell

Prof. Dr. Wim van Zwam

Maastricht UMC, The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Bruce Campbell

Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia

Watch Prof. Dr. Wim van Zwam present at SSA 2021 on the late treatment window. He talks about the early research intro thrombolysis and endovasvular therapy, including the origin of the treatment windows. Looking into the future, he talks about the value of being able to identify the amount of ‘salvageable tissue’ of a stroke patient which can be done using advanced imaging.

Can we see a shift from time-based to image-based patient selection? Watch the video to hear what Prof. Wim van Zwam thinks.

Watch Prof. Dr. Bruce Campbell presented the local situation in Australia, with a main focus on thrombolysis beyond 4.5hr.

The likely shift from time-based to image-based selection can already be seen in Europe. With The Netherlands implementing new guidelines in the near future, as Prof. Wim van Zwam talks about in his presentation, the need for DWI-Flair or CT Perfusion is growing.

The StrokeViewer algorithm suite includes Automated Perfusion analysis which you can read more about in our Portfolio.

The full StrokeViewer portfolio is TGA and Medsafe approved.

Automated Perfusion