StrokeViewer in the Herald Sun

December 9, 2021
By Brenda Dubois

Game changer: incredible app that will save Aussie lives.

Nicolab’s Board of Director Dr. Bronwyn King and stroke survivor Jamie Fitzcarlos share some words in the Herald Sun article on what the StrokeViewer technology can offer for regional stroke care across Australia as well as the individual impact on stroke survivors’ lives.

An Australian company has developed life-changing technology that helps keep stroke patients alive by allowing doctors to diagnose victims sooner. StrokeViewer is the “game changer” breakthrough from Australian health-tech company Nicolab that uses state-of-the-art AI technology and algorithms to identify salvageable brain tissue.

Doctors can now more quickly diagnose stroke victims using CT scans, saving critical minutes, which can keep more people alive from a condition that strikes an Australian every 19 minutes – killing at least 9,000 annually.

The app also connects medical teams to each other, so they can quickly access the same level of information, more easily confer, and make informed decisions to plan for treatment.

StrokeViewer is also accessible from any location and allows doctors to diagnose patients without having to be in the same room as the patient.

Nicolab board member Dr. Bronwyn King said StrokeViewer hoped to “revolutionise emergency healthcare for stroke patients.”

Check out the entire piece from Herald Sun.


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