StrokeViewer launches in North-Holland and Flevoland

December 20, 2019
By Brenda Dubois

StrokeViewer opens a new chapter in stroke care for a network of 10 hospitals in The Netherlands.

Nicolab is excited to announce that this week StrokeViewer was launched in the North-Holland and Flevoland region in the Netherlands, covering 10 hospital sites. Using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in an innovative cloud infrastructure, StrokeViewer allows for faster and more accurate treatment decisions. This regional approach in using AI to improve the stroke workflow marks a new chapter in improved patient care. 

In the highly acute setting where every minute counts, StrokeViewer instantly alerts radiologists that brain scans from a suspected stroke patient are ready for review. The physicians are then able to immediately view the images wherever they are, even on their mobile phones, saving precious time. The AI immediately shows crucial information on the type and severity of the stroke, which allows for a quick and accurate decision to be made on the best course of treatment.

In many cases, the patient must then be transferred to the regional Intervention Center to receive specialized treatment. Until now the region has struggled to safely and quickly transfer the medical images to the treating hospital, a crucial step in allowing Interventional Radiologists to plan surgery before the patient arrives. StrokeViewer uses an innovative cloud infrastructure, which allows peripheral hospitals to securely share medical images in minutes with the treating physicians. 

Nicolab believes that only through an integral approach addressing the entire stroke workflow significant improvements can be made. That’s why StrokeViewer not only comprises cutting-edge AI algorithms, but embeds them in an innovative IT infrastructure that makes life easier for radiologists. Through this technology and the regional collaboration Nicolab hopes that many patients recover better and faster from a stroke. 


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