The future of stroke treatment – Symposium at ESOC 2022

July 25, 2022
By Brenda Dubois

With the symposium “Stroke pathways that clear the way for better outcomes,” Nicolab and Philips discussed the future of stroke treatment at ESOC 2022

With over 4023 attendees (on-site and online) from 107 countries, this year’s European Stroke Organization Conference (ESOC 2022) has been a very positive experience to learn more about new research and progress made in stroke care.

It was the perfect opportunity for Nicolab and Philips to show both companies’ commitment to delivering end-to-end stroke care solutions by hosting “Stroke pathways that clear the way for better outcomes,” a symposium on the future of stroke treatment.

Stroke pathways sponsored symposium

From the future of early stroke detection to health economics

The four symposium’s speakers, engaged in pioneering research for better and faster treatments, discussed the future of stroke treatment from different angles.

The future of early stroke detection

Rotem Sivan-Hoffmann MD, Head of the Radiology Department at Meir Medical Center
A presentation focused on a patient management smartphone app that performs artificial intelligence (AI) assisted video-based stroke triaging.

Clinical value of spectral CT in the neuroradiology ED setting

Ryan K. Lee MD, Chair of the Department of Radiology at Einstein Healthcare Network
A talk about the recent developments in the use of spectral CT for stroke diagnosis and treatment selection.

Getting the clot out fast – new frontiers in stroke workflow and treatment

Jeremy Hofmeister MD, interventional neuroradiologist and artificial intelligence researcher at University Hospital Geneva
A presentation focused on the new frontiers in stroke workflow and treatment for LVO, aiming to triage and treat patients in one pass.

Health economics of Direct-to-Angio Suite

Marc Ribo MD, interventional neurologist at University Hospital Vall d’Hebron
Discussion about the health economics of the “Direct-to-Angio Suite” approach, in which selected stroke patients move directly from ED to the angio suite without the need for intermediate diagnostic scans.

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Nicolab at ESOC 2022

First live event in 2022 for Nicolab at the 8th European Stroke Organisation Conference. 4-6 May, Lyon (France)

New frontiers in stroke workflow and treatment

Among the four speakers, in particular, Jeremy Hofmeister analyzed the current Workflow and Goals of Stroke Treatment, pointing out how StrokeViewer supports the entire stroke team to be seamlessly connected between hospitals, ensuring service is available 24/7 so that patients can receive the right treatment in time.

Moreover, highlighting the heterogeneity of LVO blood clots due to the complex interplay of their thrombotic and inflammatory components, he described innovative new AI-enabled blood clot visualization, segmentation and quantitative measurement tools, as well as new radiomics tools with the potential to predict which patients might benefit from which type of treatment.

Learn more about Philips’ stroke management and how Nicolab and Philips collaborate to improve stroke care together, and don’t miss the Nicolab-Philiips ESOC 2022 symposium presentations (paid registration – available until the 5th of August 2022).

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